Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Floor Pillow

Back with my obsession on cushions... Its always great to see pillows with different colours and design..  especially lying on floor..Right now am a fan of floor pillows..normally cheaper than chair and can warm up the room with colours and pattern..

Try to decorate your home with all colorful pillows for creating an easy and trendy look...

Saturday, 22 December 2012

christmas tree.. :)

Its Christmas time..and people are busy in decorating their Christmas tree...I know most of you might have already finished with your decor...This blog is for people who couldn't decorate it till now...  Lets see the simpler and mostly how can we decorate Christmas tree  like a pro.


     Spot: First and most important thing to find the best spot for the Christmas tree.

Ornaments: Make your own hand made ornaments with paper and music sheet.


Sounds: Mix your tree with jingle bells and winter berries for classic look.


Bulbs:Using lots of  bulbs of same color and different textures some with shinny, glittery,matte finished      will always bring the awesome word and mixing all together wont make it flat.

Lights: Weaving your lights over and under each branch, and from the base of the branches to the tips will illuminate the tree from the inside out.  It will provide amazing back light for your ornaments and give the tree a twinkling light effect.


Graphic element:Adding large graphic element will bring large attention to the tree.

Balancing:To bring balance to your tree.Make use of bulbs by placing small bulbs on top branches, medium sized on middle and large bulbs on bottom.

Depth:To bring depth in Christmas tree hang ornaments deep inside.

Ribbon: for the natural ribbon curls..leave the way it is vertically from the top.Less the ribbons are manipulated for curls.Better they look.go for red, golden and white ribbon

 Balls: Classic glass ball ornaments is absolutely attractive.When going for traditional look red, silver, white and gold.and when you want it in contemporary style go for balls with themes.

Fruits and flowers:Add fruit and flower swags on branches

Theme: Choosing the bird and hiding it among the flocked branches.

Trendy: Make your Christmas tree trendy by adding elegant flowers contrast well with feathers.

Happy Christmas :)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

21-12-2012- Longest night of the year

A wide spread disease..A new era... The end of a cycle and beginning of 14th Mayan cycle 


Alignment of universe where sun and earth will align for first time.

People are talking a lot about it.. and I came to know few facts about it.. and I would like to share something reliable:

Some people believe that 21-12-2012 is beginning of new era and some believes it as the end of the world...

First of all it is good to be aware that around the world in various past cultures, each one designated a specific time to mark the beginning of their New Year. In ancient Sumeria and Babylon the New Year began with the Spring Equinox. In Israel the New Year was gradually shifted to the Equinox in the Fall, while in Northern Europe, New Year was celebrated at the time of Winter Solstice. We still observe this particular New Year tradition, but add a few extra days so that now our New Year begins on January 1st.

In the context of this tradition then, the Winter Solstice on December 21 was celebrated as the Sun’s birthday. It is the longest night of the year and therefore the shortest day of the year. It represented the ultimate power of the dark forces of Nature: the long winter night when things appeared to be dead and still. And out of the depths of this longest night the new Sun was born. From this point on, the power of the light grows in strength and the days slowly begin to grow longer. 

The Winter Solstice then inaugurated the birth of a new solar year. The Sun appeared to come back from its annual trip to the South and begins its slow return in to the Northern Latitudes. The sunrise on December 21 was believed to be like the first sunrise, and the start of the New Year was in fact a celebration of the beginning of Time.

To the ancient Maya the Milky Way Galaxy represented the Great Cosmic Mother from which all Life was birthed. They saw our Galactic Mother stretching out across the night sky and somehow recognize the place where we all had come from. And the great central bulge at Her center they perceived as the Cosmic Womb. Within the central bulge there is what looks like a dark corridor, known as the dark rift. To the Maya it was referred to by many names but the most pertinent here is their reference to this area as the "birthing pace". Are we beginning to get the picture here?
Considering then the significance of the 2012 date in the Mayan calendar, it has been discovered that this year specifically points to a period of time when the December Solstice Sun aligns with and arises out from the backdrop of the dark rift, the "Galactic Birth Canal" in the central bulge. It's as if the Sun is actually being birthed anew from the Galactic Womb.

 I hope you got a picture now...

For those who have eyes to see we are actually witnessing the birth of a planetary civilization.

One concern is over how, from Earth’s point of view, the sun will cross in front of the plane of our galaxy on Dec. 21. However, the sun routinely does this twice a year. Another fear is that a planet dubbed" Nibiru"  is supposedly headed toward Earth. Yeomans noted that well-known UFO aficionado Nancy Leider, who describes herself as being in contact with aliens from the star system Zeta Reticuli, first said Nibiru would cause widespread disaster in May 2003, only to later change her prediction to Dec. 21, 2012.

There’s no evidence whatsoever that Nibiru exists. It can’t hide behind the sun forever, and we would’ve seen it years ago,”Notions that it might be hiding behind the sun are unfounded,”  Yeomans  said.

 Some of the website news on 21-12-2012
Bugarach-The only village going to survive
 French officials ban access to sacred mountain( Pic de Bugarach )France, which believers claim will be refuge from 'Mayan apocalypse on December 21'
Rumors say the mountain will burst open on December 21 to reveal an alien spaceship which will save those nearby from the apocalypse
French police will control access to the mountain and village to stop expected hordes of New Age fanatics, sightseers and journalists
December 21 is the estimated end of the Mayan long calendar, which some believes marks the end of the world as we know it.

Additional info linking somewhere:

 ( It seems  underneath the mountain, legend says, is a huge lake, on which space-ships can sail, until such time as they need to return to their native planets.  This is strange, because other legends say that underneath Bugarach is the grand forgotten continent of Lemuria.  You can still find web-sites about “The People of Mu”; a sacred race.)


Italian village aims to survive Maya prophecy-Cisternino


Early in the day, there will be massive earthquakes. The core of the earth will be flowing rapidly into the Black Hole, leaving nothing to support the mantle of the earth. As the mantle begins to fall inward, the crust will crack and fold. The outer parts of the earth will be shrinking as the inner parts disappear into the Black Hole.
The crust and mantle will begin flowing inward at the points where they are weakest. This includes the seafloor spreading zones, such as those in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and the eastern Pacific Ocean, the continental rift zones, such as the one in East Africa, and the mantle hot-spots, such as the ones under the Hawaiian Islands and the Yellowstone Basin. Land near these places may be the first places to disappear.
Also, the waters of the oceans will flow into the voids. If you live near the sea, you just may live long enough to see the ocean disappear, and the dry land stretch from your nearby beach out to the distant horizon.
But very soon after that, all the land will fall into the nothingness at the center of the earth.
Probably nobody will fall through the Black Hole's event horizon alive. Everyone will be killed in the collapse of the buildings and the buckling of the land around them many minutes or even hours before their dead bodies are sucked into the Black Hole.


After reading all these I was thinking about the news spread of another planet after Pluto called Nibiru which was a press released news.... and I was thinking of any chances of Nibiru flyby in 2012..and then few website claims that Nibiru is a hoax and doesn't exist..


The above mentioned website has absolutely put me in wonder...

And certain website even put forward three days black out on 23rd 24th and 25th..

On 21 December the Earth will enter a still ring called the Photonic belt at 1:00 AM. Colombian time. Where our planet will go off completely, and will last 3 days of darkness.  It is said that when it is completely dark you will feel cold and there will be flashes of lights, "nothing is going to happen, is just an extraordinary phenomenon that happens every 11 million years." It is recommended to remain in your houses as power fails or electronic devices. 3 Days of darkness will pass. This is what the Mayan calendar was referring. A planetary alignment. NOT the end of the world. You have to be prepared!

Lets wait and see..

Monday, 17 December 2012

The Puri series...

I don't know how to write about my crave on panipuri...hmmmmmmmm................:)

trust me if Panipuri is good, Only thing that you can hear from me is this long



People who knows me is used to it...But when I do it in public.. people do stare at me.. But sorry to tell you that i cant stop it...Especially when am having such street foods...like Panipuri, Bhelpuri, Masalapuri , Sev puri and list goes on and on and on...

I was in Bangalore where my love for street food developed..Back in Kerala my dad wont allow us to have anything from street..as my dad says, the unhygienic one, in those china plates, from the dirty guy who might not have taken bath ( to make me stop eating) :(

The way that crunchy pani buri burst in your mouth is like hmmmmm... and people who had it with love know absolutely what I mean..Not to forget the most important thing..While having golgappas the bhaiyya (I mean the guy who serves you )has to tell you when one plate is over..hmmmmmm..my mouth is watering...

The height of craziness is that I used to crave for it at mid night and then gets out of bed rubbing me eyes and opens the window to check out whether any pani puri guy is going back home.. Even after knowing that I wont find any at this late night..:(

I still can recall..... my lover hmm.. now my husband..krishna Prasad used  to ask me my plans for the evening, eating panipuri was always on top of the list & he used to get worried..and use to warn me in not to eat panipuri in evening & then skip dinner..But by crossing the lane.. the smell of those spicy water catches me...and their I go finishing few plates :)

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Drizzling Day

Another morning just like the previous days.. but It was drizzling out side, didn't got much time to feel it..

While driving to office.. I noticed a school bus..Children were feeling water on their palms and laughing with all clear heart,I could feel their happiness..It was an astonishing moment for the girls in the bus... and It was the  first time that I was not paying attention on the drop of water shaded from eyes of sky.I was in deep sigh..

I was thinking about my school days where I used to play with water.. Opening the window pane feeling it on my face..And while coming back from school.. Getting drowned up in rain...folding the umbrella keeping it  inside the bag and lying to mom that I forgot to carry umbrella from school...

I enjoyed rain to the core..Especially when I was in Bangalore.. The climate out their is always romantic.. Getting out of office at the time of rain.. and I could see myself walking in that heavy rain.. where as everyone would be running for shelter... Hmm...then grabbing ice cream in both hand... I was actually insane..Don't know why but I enjoy having ice cream when it rains....

With closed eyes I pretended to sleep but was I really sleeping? 

I could feel those children laughing..My eyes wanted to contribute to that sight.. But...Time changes priorities...

Does time also change taste? If some one asked me this question earlier my answer would be NO but now it is YES. I was mad for raining, but it is “was” means my taste of life got change?   

I reached office.. It was then that I felt rain..on my face.. I was back to my childhood days.. I went in signed in the punching machine.. And then went outside to feel those droplets over again.. It was drizzling...
Something has happened here.. Everyone is actually held up with something and I was lost somewhere.. I was thinking about the rain that just came and drizzled..

And the song that was lingering on my mind left me by murmuring...



Even thought we all are aware of Almost all colours.. but still when it comes to dressing people normally messes ut up withsome wrong choice...

Colours ...hmmm.. yeah.. Mixing and matching is your personal choice..As i believe everyone has got their very own style... Come on lets get into our business..

Having fun with colours:

White goes well with any colour so always have some in your wardrobe.It readily matches bottom of any colour;a pair of khaki or any denim bright shades.. 

A white tank top with blue denim jean, white cotton jacket over a hot pink velour smocked baby doll dress or a simply all white for a simple breezy look.

A colour that is always and never out of trend..Its just opposite to white, It matches tops of any colour as its the favourite colour of many and wearer appears to be slimmer.

pair up black with other dark colors for an attractive mature look, such as a brown wool button front cardigan with black pinstripe bootcut pants, gray tweed cropped blazer with black stretch pintuck pencil skirt.

An expressive color extensively used in fashion, red is the most visible and lively of all colors, and creates attraction and excitement. The wearer naturally portrays an image of energy, enthusiasm and confidence. 

pair up red with colors within the red family itself for various moods, i.e., a red retro style tee with maroon pleated skirt, hot pink cotton v-neck tank with red fleece collegiate mini skirt 

A color commonly use in casual fashion. Similar to red, it creates attraction and excitement. However it suggests a more fun and sunshine-y mood. The wearer tends to bring about cheeriness to the group. Usually liked by those who embrace changes.

Pair it up yellow with dark or lucid cool colors for a striking youthful skirt 


A popular color liked by most. Emotionally opposite to red and yellow, it brings about a very soothing and relaxed feel, pleasant to the eyes. Naturally refreshing in mood, it’s a good choice for daytime wear.

match blue with white for a refreshing and sporty look, i.e., a bright blue cotton v-neck hoodie with white stretch cotton studded pants, white terry track jacket with pale blue faded jeans.
A feminine color for girls, pink is smilar to blue -- soothing and pleasant to the eyes. Naturally sweet in mood, it has a lasting girly appeal. Girls in pink tend to portray a very sweet and pleasant image, always attractive to the guys. .
add a little pink to bring out the feminine touch, i.e., matching your black satin strapless sash dress with a neon pink nylon 'Tessuto Sport' baguette, pink collar tee with black stretched cotton cropped pants.
Well, there are simply too many colors if I were to go on. I believe you should now have a feel of how the matching of colors can be so much fun. In short, just play by the color rules:

  • Stick to one color (all white, blue, red…)
  • The rule of opposites - hot goes with cool (match yellow with purple, green or blue, not with red)
  • Use neutral colors to draw looks together (white, gray, beige and black are good neutral colors)
  • Play around with color of the same family (pink with maroon, sky blue with navy blue…)
Remember, you create your very own style. Have fun!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Trend setter

The trend setter is here..Bored with all old plain jeans.. And now you know with denim bright colors you can play around a lot with different shades like orange,blue, green and yellow.Dress yourself with a bright tee during the day and flirty tops on a night out... :)

Hope this post will actually raise up your confidence in wearing bright denim