Saturday, 22 December 2012

christmas tree.. :)

Its Christmas time..and people are busy in decorating their Christmas tree...I know most of you might have already finished with your decor...This blog is for people who couldn't decorate it till now...  Lets see the simpler and mostly how can we decorate Christmas tree  like a pro.


     Spot: First and most important thing to find the best spot for the Christmas tree.

Ornaments: Make your own hand made ornaments with paper and music sheet.


Sounds: Mix your tree with jingle bells and winter berries for classic look.


Bulbs:Using lots of  bulbs of same color and different textures some with shinny, glittery,matte finished      will always bring the awesome word and mixing all together wont make it flat.

Lights: Weaving your lights over and under each branch, and from the base of the branches to the tips will illuminate the tree from the inside out.  It will provide amazing back light for your ornaments and give the tree a twinkling light effect.


Graphic element:Adding large graphic element will bring large attention to the tree.

Balancing:To bring balance to your tree.Make use of bulbs by placing small bulbs on top branches, medium sized on middle and large bulbs on bottom.

Depth:To bring depth in Christmas tree hang ornaments deep inside.

Ribbon: for the natural ribbon curls..leave the way it is vertically from the top.Less the ribbons are manipulated for curls.Better they look.go for red, golden and white ribbon

 Balls: Classic glass ball ornaments is absolutely attractive.When going for traditional look red, silver, white and gold.and when you want it in contemporary style go for balls with themes.

Fruits and flowers:Add fruit and flower swags on branches

Theme: Choosing the bird and hiding it among the flocked branches.

Trendy: Make your Christmas tree trendy by adding elegant flowers contrast well with feathers.

Happy Christmas :)

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