Monday, 17 December 2012

The Puri series...

I don't know how to write about my crave on panipuri...hmmmmmmmm................:)

trust me if Panipuri is good, Only thing that you can hear from me is this long



People who knows me is used to it...But when I do it in public.. people do stare at me.. But sorry to tell you that i cant stop it...Especially when am having such street Panipuri, Bhelpuri, Masalapuri , Sev puri and list goes on and on and on...

I was in Bangalore where my love for street food developed..Back in Kerala my dad wont allow us to have anything from my dad says, the unhygienic one, in those china plates, from the dirty guy who might not have taken bath ( to make me stop eating) :(

The way that crunchy pani buri burst in your mouth is like hmmmmm... and people who had it with love know absolutely what I mean..Not to forget the most important thing..While having golgappas the bhaiyya (I mean the guy who serves you )has to tell you when one plate is mouth is watering...

The height of craziness is that I used to crave for it at mid night and then gets out of bed rubbing me eyes and opens the window to check out whether any pani puri guy is going back home.. Even after knowing that I wont find any at this late night..:(

I still can recall..... my lover hmm.. now my husband..krishna Prasad used  to ask me my plans for the evening, eating panipuri was always on top of the list & he used to get worried..and use to warn me in not to eat panipuri in evening & then skip dinner..But by crossing the lane.. the smell of those spicy water catches me...and their I go finishing few plates :)

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