Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Vintage tribal jewellery

Welcome to the very different kind of jewellery where each piece is one of vintage treasure individually sourced from the heart of Asia.

Buying antique jewellery gives you a sense of individuality, and the reassurance that you'll never encounter someone else wearing the same!

These items are not mass produced. Each piece is entirely unique and made by hand with an extraordinary level of care and attention by craftsmen who viewed them not just as items of jewellery but as an affirmation of status and class.

This necklace needs no flashy gems or stones to impress, it just shows how elegant silver can be, in the right hands.  The complex but simple design can be dressed up or down for any occasion, so you'll soon come to love this timeless and versatile neckpiece.

Tribal jewellery has inspired numerous modern designers. And this Banjara necklace is a fine example - containing themes you'll recognise from our current catwalk season,

The red, green and blue glass stones were made individually.

Become part of the history that's followed this charming necklace from 1920s colonial India. Intricately cut by a Himachali silversmith, it was worn as a charm for wealth and fortune. Each genuine British Indian Silver Rupee bears the image of King George V as Emperor and dates from around 1919. The coins were removable in case the wearer found herself in need of cash! The necklace has been recently re-strung traditionally onto braided black cotton. It makes a decadent contemporary accessory, with a fascinating

There is something about an unclasped torque - like an unfinished love affair - that will appeal to the romantic in you.

One look at this feminine cuff tells you that it was created for a truly beautiful woman. Unfasten the hinge, thread it onto your wrist or arm and become part of its 100-year history.

Treat yourself to some gorgeous glamour from a bygone era. This glowing jostle of golden baubles is the very essence of extravagance. Magnificently gilded with real gold plate, this bracelet is a tribal piece from Bihar in India.

This easy to wear vintage bangle from Rajasthan the “Land Of Kings” has a distinctly modern look.

All these jewellery took my breath away .. don't you want to own at least one... hmmm....??

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