Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Flowers submerged in water

Today am here with a wonderful centerpiece..Flowers submerged in water with floating candles

A modern centerpiece easy on wallet is actually hard to find.. but if you are planning to bring a fresh feeling to your lovely home this is absolutely the right centerpiece. They looks elegant and contemporary and you just dont need lot of flowers to bring that impact.

Except flowers with thin petals and with lot of pollens should be avoided when you are trying to make your own centerpieces..We can actually glue them at bottom from floating and another thing that we can do is to hide that glued part with decorative rocks and marbles.Floating candles would add up to the beauty. I can help you out with that flowers which would exactly go :)

Pretty vase often rectangular , cylindrical or even fish bowls are apt for this. It would look absolutely stunning if you put silk flowers also.

Roses of any sizes can be submerged even you can separate the rose petals and can make it identical.Roses always seem to magnify about ten times their size underwater and it is a very unique effect.

And when it comes to wedding most of the people would like to choose orchid.. as orchids has great variety and also the solid colour combination would take anyone's heart.

It is important to cut tulip stems under water and at an angle. Prior to submerging tulips in a centerpiece, remove the pollen from the center to keep from clouding the water. To keep submerged tulips alive for a few days, change the water daily.

Hydrangeas come in a large variety of colors, even from one plant. Hydrangea color varies according to the acidity of the soil and the amount of direct sunlight. For example, a blue hydrangea plant can produce several shades of blue, purple, and pink. A blue hydrangea requires a high soil acidity, so if the soil is not acidic enough for blue, the flowers produced will be from lavender to pink. Hydrangeas of any color hold up well under water.

Try with some flowers and am sure you would love to own one... :)

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