Sunday, 9 December 2012

Obsession on cushions

No room is complete without cushions.. And nowadays we get cushion in geometrical shapes also.They provide life to our room which splashes different colours throughout day and night.

Even though many of us might be living in small rented accommodation and may not want to own heavy furniture's can change the whole look of our bare room with some rich cushions.. When I refereed rich I dint meant all those work or money that we spend.. It just need to fill our heart with happiness.Even we can make our own cushions if we have bit of patience.. :)

Certain times we just get bored of our old home decor.At that point of time..Try to make some cushions.. I guarantee that after you finish making it.. you will surely pat yourself for the great effort. Apart from placing cushions of different colours and print you can mix and match it with different shapes and sizes together

More than that we can actually throw some cushions in rug and can arrange an alternative seating arrangements with them  :)

 You can either put some cushions in your chair as well as in your garden furniture and make it more appealing

Or you can gather it in any corner of your room and can make it cozy

It would look great if you can actually paint something in your cushions an make it extra ordinary

 And for that ethnic Indian look get some cushions with embroidery sequins  and quilted patch work.. would actually bring a wow... :)

 For that dramatic look you can even make cushions with velvet and silk

Arrange few cushions in your bed also.Just bring your unique style in placing cushions.And let your home display your own style.

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