Thursday, 6 December 2012

Kathakalli- Where Gods and Demons comes to play

Photo Courtesy:  Krishna Prasad (

I would like to thank IKKF –International Koodiyattam and Kathakali festival (Utsavam 2012) for giving me an opportunity to know more about our art forms.

For the very first time I saw Kathakali.. I was attracted more by the makeup and the most important thing that I want to notify is the Colour symbolism reflect certain categories of emotions and traits The green colour represents Saattvika reveals godliness, white represents spirituality. Red represents Rajasic reveals violence. Black represents Tamasic reveals evil. Yellow represents the combined character of Saatvika and Rajasic. Thus Kathakali characters are grouped into five major role-types, each having a specific make-up and costume. These role types are Minukku, Paccha, Katti,taadi (has three varieties viz. Velupputaadi, Chuvannataadi and Karupputtadi) and Kari.
We’ll all these information’s was passed on by the photographer Mr.Biju and Mr.Kallor Unnikrishnan .

Most important thing that I wanna comment is about the way they have reached it to the people who doesn’t know much about all these art forms. A detailed description of the play was given to everyone so it was easy to follow.

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